Manual Grout Pump - Aluminum - (167AL-150)

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Model 167 Grout Pump Kit is ideal for pumping grout or similar high viscosity slurries. The tapered body, heavy-duty head ring, large valve openings and tough diaphragm and valve rubbers are well suited to this application. Ideal for filling well heads, rigging machinery, grouting in window and door frame, small repair and filling jobs. Size 18 Pump - Aluminum - Nitrile Diaphragm and Valves.

Special Viton diaphragm and valves available upon request. 

Grout Pump Discharge Hose (Part #27920) Sold Separately Click Here to view Discharge Hose

download-pdf-sm.png167AL-150 - Manual Grout Pump Kit, Aluminum - Manual

download-pdf-sm.png167 - Manually Operated Grout Pump - Data Sheet

download-pdf-sm.pngReplacement Diaphragms & Valve Assemblies - Data Sheet