Pumpout Caddy - 25 gallon Waste Collection Cart (28202)

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Edson’s Manual Diaphragm Pumpout Caddy is a convenient and easy to use waste collection system. Designed for small collection jobs, the cart with manual pump, 25 gallon tank, and 20' discharge hose makes short work of emptying boat holding tanks. It is especially safe for self service facilities and a very economical tool for emptying tanks of boats being pulled for service or storage.

Suction hose sold separately. 


  • Manual Pump for secure self service operations
  • Easy fill & off load operation
  • Pump out rates to 15 GPM
  • Self priming suction from heights up to 15 ft. (7.6m)
  • Easily moved around on wide 12” Pneumatic Tires

The pump out caddy uses Edson’s unique plumbing and hose assemblies which allows the tank to be safely emptied by the pump while virtually eliminating the chance of accidental spillage. The pump and hose assemblies are available as separate items for those who want to use them with their own tanks and carts, trailers or boats.

  pump-manual-pdf-sm.png 28202 - Pumpout Caddy - Manual 

  pump-data-sheet-pdf-sm.png 28202 - Pumpout Caddy - Data Sheet